The YachtWelt Sail 360 is a special challenge. The route leads from Boltenhagen/Wismar Bay, passes the isle of Fehmarn, crosses the archipelago of the loveliest Danish islands within the Baltic-Sea -Approaches  into the tactically challenging Kattegat. Then over the frequently rough sea route across the Skagerrak to the Marina Son – deeply embedded into the picturesquely and beautiful Oslo Fjord. Sun, wind and current, plenty of sea traffic, traffic separation areas and navigational tidbits – the Yachtwelt Sail 360 offers everything sailors desire making this regatta exciting. In a blue-water sailrace sailors may find some rest  in between – in this Baltic offshore regatta, concentration, experience, courage and endurance are continuously required.

The Yachtwelt Sail 360 is a touchstone for ship and crew as a medium distance race. Some sailors understandably don’t dare to take on the Midsummer Sail over 1000 nautical miles non-stop with their own ship and no experience of long distance regattas. Others don’t have enough qualified crew members for such a long race and many are not able to invest more than 14 days of their holidays, for some crews the sailing club vessel may be not available for longer periods.

The Yachtwelt Sail 360, including the return journey , can easily be completed in 14 days, which offers time to discover beautiful secluded archipelagos, bays and harbours. Oslo and many ports on the route are quickly and easily accessible for a crew change or a visit from friends and family.

We took our measure from the experiences of the Agora Direct MidsummerSail, which we sailed in 2021 together with many like-minded people and all the more fun. The regatta mode and especially the unbelievably warm and personal attention from Robert Nowatzki and his team of organisers, as well as the special atmosphere among the participants, have made us hungry for more.

Therefore, we were very pleased that Robert Nowatzki, organiser of the MidsummerSail, gave us the opportunity to add a mid-distance race to his great event – and to combine the two events in future. In friendly and open discussions we exchanged ideas and formed a concept which subsequently led to the birth of Yachtwelt Sail 360. Together we decided that the winners of the 5 classification groups of both events will be guaranteed entry to both events in following year.

The start

2. September 2022, 7 pm
Welcome Happy Hour for participating crews

3. September 2022, 6 pm
Briefing skipper or helmsman + max. 1 crew member.
The race starts in the Wohlenberger Wiek (western part of the Wismar Bay) in front of the 12.18. Boltenhagen Marina. The starting line is defined by a starting ship and a buoy.

4. September 2022, 12:00 pm/noon

Start – The organiser reserves the right to introduce group starts depending on the number of participants. This will be determined and published at the skipper instruction meeting at the latest

The finish

The finish line is in the fjord in front of Marina Son (Norway). Time measurement is executed by geo-fence measurement and optical control between two landmarks (2 Green Tn. 2.5 height) in front of the entrance to Marina Son. For activities in Oslo, please visit the following page:

6. September 2022, 12:00 pm/noon
The finish line is open

9. September 2022, 12:00 pm/noon
The time limit for the regatta (finishing line closed) has been reached