1. Wind is the only means of propulsion allowed. (The engine may only be used to charge the batteries, but not to propel the boat).
  2. The engine must be turned off at the “10 minutes (before start) signal”.
  3. The route and any stopovers can be freely chosen.
  4. If the engine is used for a stopover, the ship must then return to the motor-starting position in order to continue sailracing from there.
  5. The crew may be exchanged, but not the skipper. The maximum crew number will be rated.
  6. Every skipper is obliged to comply with the International Collision Regulations (IRPCS)
  7. Every skipper is responsible for the safety of his /her crew and boat.
  8. Every skipper and Crew is obliged to give his contact details and emergence contact to the organizer.
  9. Each participant is obliged to sign a disclaimer., that he/she take part at his/her own risk.
  10. Every boat must have an appropriate third-party insurance.
  11. Every skipper is obliged to attend the skipper meeting.
  12. The Regatta GPS must be displayed and kept in operation continuously on each boat.
  13. Each participating boat must pay an entry fee for the 2022 race, credited to our account nlt. August 4th. 2022.
  14. All docking and mooring fees will be covered by the respective skipper.
  15. It is possible to sail IRC-corrected. Please apply together with your Race-Registration.
  16. Communication will be processed either via sports boat channel 72 or mobile phone.
  17. Underage participants need a clear declaration of consent from their parents.
  18. There are 2 start signals and 1 finishing time information. Via sports boat channel 72 or mobile phone (Details at skipper meeting).
  19. Rule violations will result in time penalties or, in extreme cases, disqualification.
  20. Protests are to be submitted by Email / Signal Message to the race organizer.
  21. The regatta flag is to fly in a prominent place. It does not replace the national and host country flags.